Cooperation mode

  • Mode 1

    ODM based on existing appearance patented products single customer with the same appearance in the same region

  • Mode 2

    Original product development with specialized appearance ODM/OEM mode

  • Mode 3

    Original product development with specialized appearance ODM/OEM mode


Development Process
  • Product requirements communication

    Communicate and analyze the target requirements of project development products: Icefall will fully understand customer demands, assist custom`ers to analyze target market needs, and clarify product development requirements based on original product development experience.

  • Exterior design

    Icefall can design the appearance according to the customer's original appearance drawing, or Icefall can carry out a new appearance design according to the customer's original brand product style or product、target style.

  • Structural design

    According to product development goals, Icefall will carry out product structure design to forma structural design plan with the best combination of quality and cost

  • Appearance and function prototype confirmation

    Complete the production of a full-featured prototype, conduct the first functional test, and assist customers to confirm whether the product appearance/function/quality meets the development goals.

  • Closing confirmationand mass production

    After the two parties confirm that the developed product meets the product development requirements, the project is closed and enters mass production

  • Product trial production test

    Prototype and test products. Icefall will invest in necessary production equipment during this process, improve the product production process, quality control plan, test and inspection standards; and inspect and repair potential failure problems

  • Mold making

    Invest in mold development. Icefall will assist customers in the complete implementation of the mold input work to ensure the delivery and quality of the input mold.

  • Confirmation of theoverall product plan

    According to the confirmation results of the prototype, Icefall will form a complete product specification, product quality objectives, and a list of new parts. And confirm the overall product plan with the customer.


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