Countertop RO water purifier

100GPD high flux RO membrane
Dual water resources option

Product characteristics

  • 6 Stages Filtration System
  • UV Sterilization
  • Auto Stop Water Volume

Product brief

Restore the pure and sweet taste of water

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Temp. Options
Water Volume
200ml, 350ml, 500ml
Power requirements
RO Membrane Specifications
100 Gallons
Water Purification Flow
Filter Type
2 in 1 Filter: PP+GAC Filter
RO Filter: 75GPD RO Filter
Filter lifetime
No.1 Filter: 6 months
RO Filter: 12 months
Product Size
380*244*390 mm
1. Desktop used tank(No Installation)
2. Desktop tap water pipeline connection(tankless)

Two water connection methods to meet various usage scenarios




Water can be taken by a 4-liter-water tank, no insatllation is required, ane it can be used immediately after powering on.



Directly connected to water pipes, recommended for use in plcaes where TDS index of tap water is higher than 400ppm.

The high-efficiency 4-stage filtration system

Removes 33 types of bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals from the water, allowing you to drini it directy.




4th Grade

US Dow RO Membrane


Heavy metals, bacteria, viruses antibiotics, scale





2-3nd Grade

Japanese Kuraray GAC+PP

Impurities, residual chlorine, rust, sediment, peculiar smell





1st Grade

Stainless steel filter


Small stones, sediment, etc.




The filter element material is carefully selected from DuPont reverse osmosis membrane


With a filtration accuracy of 0.0001 micron. High-quality filter element makes the water purification effect more guaranteed.


24-hour UV disinfection cycle


Using ultraviolet antibacterial technology, it works all day to inhibit the growth of bacteria.


Smart TDS detection


Allows you to monitor the effectiveness of tap water filtration at actual time. You can intuitively feel the changes in water quality before and after filtration, and you can drink it without fears.


3 cup volume settings

filling a cup of water in 10 seconds




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