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Our Icefall brand was founded in 2013 and has been focusing on the field of intelligent water purification for many years. It is an original brand integrating R&D, production and sales! We have a patented design and our own R&D team, and we invest a lot of R&D expenses every year. Product research and development has always been based on solving the needs of users as the fundamental orientation of research and development, adhered to the principle of "user experience" as the core, and integrated more humanization while strengthening technological innovation.

Focus on the field of intelligent water purification and become an expert in purification and heating integrated installation-free products. Continue to innovate and launch a series of coffee water purifiers, which combine water purification filtration and coffee extraction technology, leading the entire water purification industry. We continue to innovate, upgrade technology, and deeply understand the needs of consumers in domestic and foreign markets.


As of May 2024, we have obtained a total of 45 patents, including: 4 invention patents, 28 appearance patents, and 13 utility patents. From the product details, ours are superior than domestic competitors. For example, our water purifier has two outlets, the hot and cold water are separated. Most of the products of our competitors all share the same outlet for hot and cold water, which will affect the water temperature, taste and drinking experience.

In addition, the temperature adjustment function of most of the products of our competitors is directly made into a five-degree/ten-degree temperature control option in order to save costs. In addition to the quick temperature button, we also support degree-by-degree temperature adjustment (+/-1°C). In addition, our desktop water purifier have a cup holder, which can be moved left and right, and can also be disassembled for cleaning. And it is aligned with the water outlet, so as long as the cup is placed on the cup holder, it must be aligned. These are full of details, most of other competitors' products do not have cup holders, and water will splash when you use a smaller cup. And there is also a devil design.