About The TDS Value Of Our Icefall Machines

TDS value of water before & after purification: Both of them are displayed in real time. If you use the water tank mode, there will be waste water flowing back to the water tank, and the water concentration in the water tank will be changed, so the displayed PPM value will be changed too.


The level of TDS value of purified water is mainly related to the quality of local tap water.


There is a certain proportion between them. The TDS value before purification is high and the TDS value after purification will be accordingly high as well.


At the same time, if the TDS value before purification is above 400PPM, we recommend connecting the machine with tap water pipeline, so that the TDS value of purified water will be much lower and the water quality will be much better, also the machine can be better protected.


Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): It is a general term for inorganic salts and organic matter dissolved in water. The unit of measurement is milligrams per liter (mg/L), which indicates how many milligrams of dissolved solids are dissolved in 1 liter of water .


TDS refers to the content of soluble impurities in water. PPM is a unit of TDS, just like centimeters and kilometers are units of length.


The TDS value is generally only for pure water. It is an indicator used to measure the purity of the water produced by reverse osmosis membrane.


It is not suitable for measuring domestic purified water.


Specifically, the filtration accuracy of the ultra-filtration membrane is one hundredth of a micron, which can filter out most of the colloids, suspended particles, proteins, viruses and bacteria, etc., but cannot filter metal ions and a small number of bacteria, so the TDS value will not decrease.


And after heating, the ions in the water are more tightly bound to the water, so the TDS value will be higher.


Under the action of electrolysis, metal ions originally dissolved in water, such as manganese, potassium, cobalt, etc., are reduced and gradually aggregated to form metal clusters visible to the naked eye, so that the metal content in the water can be determined.


Our pure water electrolysis results prove that our water purifier can filter out metal ions in water with very high filtration accuracy, so you can rest assured to use it.